24/7’s working culture is based on the principles of inclusion, tolerance, openness,
equality and diversity. We’re proud to have a team that includes different
nationalities and backgrounds and is strongly constituted with women in several
leading positions throughout our territories. The diversity of our team in terms of
gender, race or sexual preference is an intrinsic part of our corporate tapestry.

Our most important value is creating a respectful and service led environment for
our staff, collaborators and our clients Our aim is to always provide the best quality
service within our territories and advise on the best solutions for all projects in
which we are involved. There are no projects too big or too small for us. We adapt
to all ranges of projects and prioritise all alike.

As part of the urgent need to shift all aspects of our lives to a more sustainable
approach, 24/7 is taking the steps necessary to ensure that our productions
significantly reduce waste in the immediate term and aim for zero waste and
carbon neutral production in the near future.

We have been working for the last few years in tackling use of plastic, reduce paper
use, recycling and promoting the use of bio-degradable materials on set. We work
with leading organisations exploring ways to further reduce and offset our carbon
footprint. One of our missions is to raise awareness in our staff, collaborators and
clients of the urgency of mindful consumption and disposal habits.

We are constantly analysing, reviewing and proposing new ways to become a
greener industry through example, with the hope that it generates traction both
close to home and internationally, within and outside our industry and even
reaching personal everyday habits of the people we work with. Our planet requires
all our effort, together.